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Under the Counter TV Tips

This website is designed to have the information you need to find the best possible under counter TV, or under cabinet TV for your individual needs.

It is really great to be able to watch an under-cabinet TV in your kitchen, RV or boat.  Current models have great reception, great sound, and fantastic pictures.  But there are a few things you should do in order to make the most of your unit.

The first is to keep them protected.  Unlike a television installed in a living room or home theater, under counter TVs are usually placed in a location that is more susceptible to spills, exposure to liquids, and exposure to high temperatures.  Keep in mind that regardless of what model of under-the-counter unit you get, it is still a delicate electronic device.  Do not mount it near the stove or oven, or too close to the sink.  On boats, be sure the TV is mounted where it cannot be exposed to the elements, like wind-driven rain, or salty sea spray, which can wreak havoc on electronic components.  Protect the wiring as well.  Be sure you are using outlets with ground-fault interrupts.

Only use proper under-counter mounts to hang the televisions.  Do not try to rig something up yourself, which may later wiggle loose, causing the unit to fall and become damaged.

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